Last Updated: 08/08/2005

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Version 0.9.12

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What's LJ.NET?

LJ.NET is a client for the LiveJournal website, that provides a simple and powerful user interface to LJ's online journaling services. You can visit the LJ.NET online community at the LiveJournal page for it.

Currently supported features include:

  • What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) journal entry composition
  • Alert messages for server information and friend posts
  • Multiple journal support
  • Crosspost support, for posting an entry to several journals simultaneously
  • Journal manager to edit and delete previous posts
  • Mirroring of journal posts into your Microsoft Outlook journal
  • Automatic log-in
  • Mood list support, with mood icons (and custom mood text)
  • Music detection (Winamp, MusicMatch)
  • Windows Installer package
  • GPL Licensed, includes source code and modification/redistribution rights
  • Windows XP Luna appearance support (only on Windows XP)
  • Friends List Manager
  • Spelling Check using Microsoft Word integration

System Requirements

To run LJ.NET, you must be running an operating system that supports the Microsoft .NET platform - currently, Windows operating systems 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP are supported. You must also download and install the Microsoft .NET framework.

Download the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 from Microsoft by clicking here. This download is approximately 20MB and must only be performed once. It is actually a good idea to have this framework installed in general, as it may be required by many new products in the near future.

After you've got the framework installed, download the latest edition of the LJ.NET installation package. Remember, after you install the .NET framework once, you do not need to reinstall it when upgrading to newer versions of LJ.NET.