Last Updated: 08/20/2003


Current Screenshots:

LJ.Net runs in the taskbar, giving you fast and easy access to all program functions.
The log-in screen allows you to automatically log on, and saves all of your settings. If you put LJ.NET into your startup folder, this allows you to have the start automatically.
If the server needs to send you a message, you'll be informed by a pop-up message box. If there's a link, you can click on the box to open up your web browser to the appropriate place; if not, clicking dismisses the box immediately. It will leave on its own after 10 seconds.

The post box is a fast and feature-complete implementation of LiveJournal diary posting, allowing you to compose and format your entry quickly and easily. You can select which journals to post, the security level of the post, as well as selecting a mood and music from the post box. You can open multiple post boxes if you want, as well as posting the same entry to multiple journals with a single click of the Post button.

The journal manager allows you to modify and delete posts from any day in any of the journals to which you have access. In the future, you will be able to view, edit, and respond to posts directly from the journal manager.

The options window lets you pick and choose from the options for the program, as well as manipulating your friends list without leaving the client.